Our most difficult task was to find a way for people to inhabit this magnificent and natural system without destroying the very reason for people to come here.
— -Lawrence Halprin, Master Site Planner on The Sea Ranch

The Sea Ranch--a land of majestic bluff tops, coastal ocean meadows and redwood forested hillsides-- is a planned community of over 3500 acres stretching along 10-miles of the rugged and spectacular Northern Sonoma coastline. As a consequence, this one-of-a kind development provides a community for those people who choose to live in harmony with the natural environment where man-made buildings do not distract from the beauty of the surrounding area.The homes are built with wood exteriors and are arranged in clusters; the utilities are mostly underground and the plants are native.

Approximately 50% of the land has been dedicated to open space, which is shared by all of the property owners and guests.

The Sea Ranch offers an environment where you can relax and retreat from stress by enjoying the sunshine, watching the whale migration, experiencing the many beaches and tide pools or hiking along miles of maintained bluff top and forest trails.The private roads are ideal for biking.The Gualala River is ideal for swimming, fishing, kayaking and boating.The Sea Ranch recreational centers provide swimming pools with saunas and tennis courts.Volleyball and basketball courts and a pro caliber golf course are also available for your enjoyment.

Plant and animal live are diverse and abundant. Cypress and redwood trees, irises and poppies, whales and sea lions, raccoons and deer, cormorants and pelicans abound.

The CC&R’s provide a protection for the Sea Ranch principles. They are steps toward the harmonious relationship between landowner and nature.

The Sea Ranch Concept is not about a nice place to live. It’s about a unique place to live, unique in its vision and its intent to build a community dedicated to a common effort, an effort to protect and preserve the natural character of a remarkable beautiful and appealing place.